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Turf Grass Division

Our Turf grass division will install and repair new sod. Grade and prepare drainage areas, fix slope and runoff's. For problem turf grass areas we will use a soil test which will be used to diagnose and treat for disease and soil deficiencies. We can handle your ant, grub and parasite problems ask us how.
​We specialize in all Texas native turf grasses locally grown.
Dallas Turf & Irrigation Specialists Services Inc.
Dallas Turf & Irrigation Specialists Inc  provides exceptional  service and a personalized solution for each client. Our team members are professional, courteous, reliable and efficient. We look forward to developing a business friendship and serving you in any job no matter how big or small. 
Irrigation Division
Our Irrigation Division will install, repair, adjust or modify your new or existing irrigation system. We provide updated technology to maximize water conservation. We will make adjustments to your system  to maximize plant growth and efficient water distribution. We can test and audit your irrigation system to make sure your turf grass and plantings are getting enough water without being wasteful. Call us and ask how we can help you.
​Back Flow Prevention Testing Divison

​We offer Back Flow testing services to Commerical, Residential and home owners. We service the DFW Metro Plex.